Top Three Reasons Why I’m Natural

Two Sisters, Two Naturalistas Photo taken by Elena Muslar

Two Sisters, Two Naturalistas
Photo taken by Elena Muslar

Throughout this blogging experience, I’ve shared natural hair history, modern day challenges, and the perspectives of women across the nation. One thing that I have yet to do, however, is share my own personal journey with natural hair. This post will share my top three reasons why I’ve chosen to be natural.

Reason Three: Costs Savings

Like many things in life, the almighty dollar did play a role in my decision to go natural. Prior to going natural, I would spend an average of 100 dollars a month on salon visits. As a college student, this was far from feasible. My natural hair is much more affordable and most of the styles I wear last longer than styles that I would get at the salon. Fortunately, I’ve been able to learn how to braid and twist my own hair because these styles tend to be fairly expensive if you have to go to a professional.

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Good Hair vs. Bad Hair: The Birth of the Battle

All Hair is Good Hair Photos taken by C. Hall

All Hair is Good Hair
Photos taken by C. Hall

Some battles are truly unforgettable. In biblical times there was David and Goliath. In the 1800s, there was the Union and the Confederacy. In film, there was Batman and Bane. For the African American woman, the greatest battle of them all is the battle between “good hair” and “bad hair.”

Good hair is understood to be hair that is straighter, longer, flowing, and more manageable. Bad hair is traditionally considered to be coarser, shorter, and kinkier. It is at a young age that African American girls are exposed to the battle between the two. I can still recall when I was in the second grade and sang what I thought at the time was an innocent childhood rhyme.

“Bald headed hood rat, your hair can’t touch your back. Perm it. Weave it. You know you need it. I’m so happy. My hair ain’t nappy. It used to be nappy. I was so unhappy.”

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