Natural Hair Across the Nation

Naturals Across the Nation Photos respectively taken by Fashion156

Naturals Across the Nation
Photo respectively taken by Fashion 156

The number of natural hair wearers has grown significantly in the United States. Based on my viewership, I thought it would be interesting to explore natural hair and its prevalence across the nation. Therefore, I’ve dedicated this post to my natural sisters across the world. Botswana, Kenya, the Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Canada have all viewed Au Culturale. Knowing this, I thought it was only appropriate to explore the opinion of natural hair in a few of these countries.

Nyachomba and Mary are two Kenyan bloggers who write Kurly Kichana. They say that hairdressers and friends alike have made comments questioning why the two women don’t use relaxers to straighten their hair. They’ve heard the comments that their natural hair is “bad” and should be chemically straightened. Although they admit that the natural hair scene is not huge in Kenya, it is gaining momentum. Even thousands of miles away, it appears that we still share the same struggles and sometimes receive negative feedback for our decision to embrace our natural hair.

Nappily Nigerian Girl is a blog that features Nigerian women and the various experiences they have with their natural hair. In one post, Haddasah Agbaps discusses how Nigerians have forgotten how to care for their natural hair. She says that colonialism and slavery are oftentimes blamed for this loss of knowledge, but she is not content with letting the past hinder her present and future. In her natural hair journey, she, like many other Nigerian women aim to re-learn and invent new ways to take care of their natural hair. Although perms are common, she and other Nigerian naturalistas are committed to reclaiming the heritage behind natural hair.

In Spain, they are making strides to reduce the social stigma of natural hair. The GoNaturalSpain campaign, in collaboration with the popular blog Curly Nikki, offer support to natural women in Spain. Many of the women have commented that people in Spain are very receptive to natural hair. With this campaign, they are even more encouraged to embrace their natural strands and more importantly, they are encouraged to embrace themselves.

The natural hair culture is growing and connecting women across the nation. Our community shares common struggles and concerns while also gaining the understanding and appreciation of our heritage and history. Au Culturale can hopefully inspire more women across the nation to go natural and to learn the history behind our natural hair.


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